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  • AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask Frame System Without Headgear AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask Frame System Without Headgear
  • AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask Frame System Without Headgear back AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask Frame System Without Headgear back

AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask Without Headgear


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Quick Overview

The AirFit F10 full face mask delivers the comfort and reliability patients trust in ResMed traditional full face masks, in a compact design.


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  • The mask is small, lightweight and provides a clear line of sight while you’re wearing it.

  • With only four parts it’s easy to take apart, clean and reassemble.

  • Quick-release elbow allows you to disconnect mask from tubing in one click.

  • The dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion provides a comfortable and secure seal for better performance.

  • Circular diffused venting gently directs exhaled air away for a peaceful sleeping environment.

Small and Lightweight

The AirFit F10 is a simple design that offers a reliable seal and fit. Its lightweight materials and just four parts make it easy to take apart and assemble after cleaning. The headgear simply snaps onto the frame and the lower headgear straps attach to the mask with simple frame hooks. With no forehead support to obscure the view, the AirFit F10 allows for reading or watching TV without vision obstruction. You won't get the feeling of claustrophobia with the ResMed F10.

Spring Air Cushion

The F10 cushion utilizes ResMed's Spring Air technology which helps to reduce pressure on the face and improves the cushion's seal.

SoftEdge Headgear

The technology in the headgear offers the support needed to maintain a reliable seal when worn relatively loosely. The headgear is made of lightweight, flexible material which is breathable, allowing air to move through the weave for a more comfortable fit. The edges of the headgear are seamless and rounded, sitting more softly against the head. The headgear is also adjustable at the upper and lower attachments to the mask frame.

Elbow and Venting

The F10 offers circular venting at the elbow and is designed to quietly direct the air away from the user and bed partner. The quick release elbow easily snaps off and on for cleaning or adjustment during the night.

Brand ResMed

Customer Reviews

  1. Fantastic mask! review by on 3/30/2016

    The Airfit F10 is a full face mask that is made by the ResMed brand. This mask fits wonderfully for almost all sleep apnea patients. It is very lightweight and has a great design that makes this mask one of the easiest to use. The frame and the headgear work together to create a great performing mask that allows for effective sleep therapy experiences. This mask also has much less face contact allowing for a more comfortable face mask option.This is definitely one of my top two favorite full face CPAP masks that are currently on the market. Check out my article on my favorite CPAP masks, great masks for side sleepers as well as some of the most comfortable options.

    Overall Score: 93

    Summary of Pros and Cons

    Great Mask Seal
    Great Face Positioning
    Great For Multiple Sleeping Positions
    Very Comfortable Mask
    Quiet Mask
    Quick Pressure Release
    No Air Leaks
    Does Not Leave Marks
    Allow For A Great Night Of Sleep
    Great Field of Vision Available During Use of Mask

    Some Complaints About Not Having A Big Enough Size
    Not The Easiest To Clean
    Some Complaints About Mask Movement

    Size/Materials Used/Durability
    This full face mask has a design that is small enough to offer great visibility while reading or watching television. The frames hard components are made from polyamide and the frames soft components are made from silicone elastomer. The cushion hard components are made from polyamide and the cushion soft components are made from silicone elastomer. The elbow is made from polyamide, polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer and silicone elastomer. The headgear is made from nylon and lyrcra and so are the soft sleeves. This mask is quite durable for sleep apnea therapy treatments. From the top of the crown strap to the top of the bottom strap is six inches. From the widest point to the open only side is six inches.

    This full face mask is very comfortable due to the materials used and the great design it has. The comfort of this full face mask allows the sleep apnea patient to experience a great night of sleep. When a patient has the unfortunate circumstances of having to deal with sleep apnea in the first place, they aren’t going to want to have to deal with an uncomfortable sleep apnea therapy experience as well. This full face mask allows these patients to experience only the most comfortable sleep apnea therapy that is available. Find out which are the most comfortable CPAP masks on the market today here.

    This full face mask has many great specifications to help the sleep apnea patients experience the best sleep.


  2. A great, comfortable mask review by SleepReviewMag on 3/30/2016

    The AirFit F10 delivers comfort, stability, and performance in a simple and elegant design, and has all the benefits of a traditional full face mask in a compact form. Patients will also benefit from its circular diffused venting that directs exhaled air more evenly and makes it less likely to rebound off surrounding objects or bed partners, creating a more peaceful sleeping environment.

    In ResMed testing, patients preferred the AirFit F10 over ResMed’s leading compact full face mask in terms of seal, comfort, stability, and ease of use. The AirFit F10 is the lightest full face mask on the market, and its four-piece design makes it easy to clean and maintain.
    The absence of a forehead support makes the AirFit F10 unobtrusive without sacrificing stability, and an audible three-click cushion-to-frame retention system improves usability. The mask’s dual-wall Spring Air cushion provides a comfortable and reliable seal by gently conforming to the face.

    - SleepReviewMag

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