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AirFit™ N10 Nasal Mask Frame System Without Headgear

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Quick Overview

Struggle with the things that matter, like your golf game. Get a reliable mask and comfortable mask like ResMed’s AirFit N10, a user-favorite offering comfort, an optimal seal, and a clear line of sight. This compact nasal mask features innovative magnet headgear clips and a unique frame design that delivers both visual freedom and ease of use.


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  • Circular diffused venting
  • Magnetic headgear clip
  • Dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion
  • Unique under-eye frame provides clear line of sight


  • Selected mask size
  • Magnetic headgear clips

Circular diffused venting

ResMed's frame features a circle of exhalation ports which provide quiet usage and directs air away from you and your bed partner.

Magnetic headgear clip

With magnets inside the headgear clips, this mask is simple to get on and off and remains secure throughout the night.

Dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion

The dual walls on this cushion work to seal and stabilize the mask while you sleep. A quick clip allows for a quick release of the cushion from the frame for simple use.

Under-eye frame

The arms of this mask are curved over the cheeks in order to provide minimal facial contact. This feature along with a clear forehead with no forehead support gives the user a clear line of sight.

Mask Features Headgear Quick-Clips, No Forehead Support, Replaceable Cushion
Cushion Type Silicone
Brand ResMed

Customer Reviews

  1. Novel nasal mask review by CPAP Man on 4/13/2016

    Novel New Nasal CPAP

    Magnetic Headgear Clips
    The AirFit N10 has magnetic headgear clips. Once looped through, the headgear is just a simple magnetic attachment away from being connected. This makes applying and removing the mask a breeze, particularly for sleep apnea therapy patients who wake up frequently during the night. If you're worried about the magnet slipping off while you sleep, don't: a lip on the opposite side of the clip helps to keep it steady even when you have your headgear pulled tight.

    Minimal Contact
    The upper arms of the AirFit N10 have a curved pattern, and they hover your cheeks. This allows for minimal contact with your face, which gives you a clear line of sight without necessitating forehead support.

    The N10 is available in two cushion size configurations: standard and wide. The Airfit N10 nasal mask is also available in a for her model that is a separate size.

    SoftEdge Headgear
    ResMed's N10 provides a comfortable and secure fit. The headgear's soft straps prevent red marks from developing, and the design of the headgear allows for adjustment at four different places for an optimal fit. Additionally, the crown strap of the headgear adds stability to your cushion, enhancing the compliance of your CPAP therapy.

    - Softedge Headgear provides a comfortable fit
    - Includes Soft Wraps for Increased Comfort
    - Circular Ventilation Ports

  2. Top notch, lightweight nasal mask review by SleepReviewMag on 4/13/2016

    The lightweight Air Fit N10 compact nasal mask stands out with its comfort and visual freedom in a user-friendly design. In ResMed testing, patients preferred the Air Fit N10 over other industry-leading nasal masks in terms of ease of use, comfort, unobtrusiveness, and stability.

    At less than 3 ounces, the Air Fit N10 has a sleek under-eye frame that offers unobtrusive support without sacrificing stability, and, as a result, provides a clear line of sight. Its modified dual-wall Spring Air cushion provides a comfortable and effective seal while EasyClick headgear clips make it convenient to wear by securing the headgear to the frame with ease. Integrated lightweight, flexible tubing, and minimal parts add to the nasal mask’s appeal.

    - See more at:

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