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  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask Without Headgear front view ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask Without Headgear front view
  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask Without Headgear in use ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask Without Headgear in use

ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask Without Headgear

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Quick Overview

The ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask offers an improved gel cushion and an adjustable forehead support. This new design reduces pressure points, lowers noise, and redirects the exhalation port away from the bed partner, resulting in a better night sleep for you and your partner.


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  • Sure Seal Technology (SST)

  • StabilitySelector Forehead Support

  • Angled Micro Exhalation Ports

  • System One Resistance Control

Brand Philips Respironics

Customer Reviews

  1. First one's the winner review by twindad on 3/30/2016

    The Respironics Comfortgel Blue Nasal mask in a size medium was the first mask provided to me by my DME along with my first cpap machine almost 2 months ago. Even though I am a new user, I found this mask to be reasonably comfortable if the headgear is not too tight. Tightening the headgear too tight will wrinkle up the replaceable softgel cushion and cause leaks. This mask has gotten me the lowest AHI so far (avg. 2.5) of the 2 I've tried, even though I quite often experience leaks just below my eyes. The bridge piece to the forehead pad is adjustable to change the angle of the mask, which helps reduce leaks, but the plastic is thin and my DME warned me that it is easily broken. They also warned me that the molded slots for the quick clips to remove the headgear are also easily broken and to just undo the right lower velcro strap on the headgear and slip the mask off over my head. Following this advice has worked - I haven't had anything break yet at all. After about a month the velcro on the headgear is not holding as well as it did new, but still holds adequately. My Medium frame will also accomodate a Small cushion and silicone flap, which I tried and found that for me it leaked somewhat less than the medium size. I also found that it leaks noisily around the swivel where the hose attaches in certain positions. The leaks usually disappear while I sleep on my back, but they worsen as I sleep on my side and the mask gets moved sideways by my pillow. The mask is very easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. After trading in my original Comfortgel Blue Nasal mask to my DME to try another nasal mask, I purchased a 2nd Comfortgel Blue Nasal mask online to keep as a spare.

    I consider the mask to be a decent value at the price I paid online after a discount was applied. It did work fairly well for me but not anywhere near perfectly well. I liked its price very well and the way it feels on my face fairly well. I disliked the leaks, especially the noisy leak at the swivel. I suggest anyone using this mask to take care to adjust everything about it very carefully.

    Pros - ease of cleaning, fits well, doesn't hurt my nosebridge, cheap from the right supplier

    Cons - leaks around cushion, leaks around swivel

    - twindad @

  2. One of the best! review by Paolo P on 3/30/2016

    It is indeed the best cpap mask as a lot of people say. It’s just amazing how comfortable this mask makes me feel every night. It’s quiet and doesn’t leak. I’m surprised that you guys sell for a cheap price. You really do look up for your customers. Thank you for the good night sleep every night.

  3. It's a very good mask review by CPAP Helpdesk on 3/30/2016

    I’ll tell you it’s a very good mask, I have a lot of very good positive feedback from this.

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