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Possible Side Effects of CPAP

Treating your Sleep Apnea with a CPAP system is the safest and most effective method. There are no serious risks of using CPAP. This treatment requires regular usage of your CPAP machine and mask, and as a result there are some minor side effects and irritations to be aware of. In the end it is dramatically better for your health to use your CPAP equipment regularly, as instructed, and deal with the nuisance of regular use. Always talk to your doctor or sleep specialist if any of the CPAP side effects become too severe.

Allergic Reactions

One of the most common CPAP side effects is allergic reactions and skin irritation from the mask. This problem occurs because people's faces are different and there is a wide variety of mask styles and fits. Trying on a different mask size or style is the most common solution as every brand of mask and design is different and some will fit better than others. If you don't sleep on your side a nasal mask is generally less obtrusive and doesn't have as much contact with your face. Here are some popular examples of CPAP Nasal Masks.

Skin Irritation

Another common side effect of using CPAP masks is skin irritation. Occasionally, people may have allergic reactions to the material on the mask, such as silicone, but there are a number of masks that use cloth instead. One of the best solutions for reducing irritation are mask liners like the Remzzzz Mask Liner, the most popular product for helping to reduce CPAP irritation risks. Also, when mask accessories get old and worn out they can frequently create irritation, so it is important to make sure your CPAP equipment is replaced regularly, as recommended by the CPAP Supplies Replacement Schedule.

Dry Mouth

Another common CPAP side effect is dry mouth as a result of continuous air from the CPAP machine and sleeping with an open mouth. This problem is particularly bad with nasal masks as these masks tend to cause the mouth to open during sleep. If this problem becomes severe try switching to a full face mask as a solution, or getting a simple chinstrap.

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