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Natural Sleep Remedies

When you have Sleep Apnea, you by definition aren't getting a good night of sleep. Even when you are treating your Sleep Apnea with CPAP or other methods, you are likely troubled by a lack of sleep and often feel drowsy and lethargic during the day. Adding natural sleep remedies to your daily regimen to mitigate sleep disorders is important for your overall health. There is an overwhelming number of behavioral and environmental considerations to keep in mind when trying to get a good night of sleep. Many natural sleep remedies are common-sensical, while others are less obvious or may take additional effort.

Below are some of less obvious natural sleep remedies:

  • Don't take naps as they can interrupt your sleep cycle and impair REM sleep at night when you need it.
  • Different types of leg, lumbar or CPAP Pillows can alleviate pain or adjust your position to make your sleep more comfortable.
  • If you suffer from allergies, especially mold or dust, your mattress could be to blame.
  • Don't look at the clock in the wee hours.
  • Avoid any liquid (not just alcohol) 2 hours before bedtime as it may make you wake up in the middle of the night or hard to get to sleep.
  • Drinking milk which has tryptophan can increase serotonin and improve restfulness.


Below is a video explaining additional natural sleep remedies and how they impact your body:


Take a look at this simple info-graphic that describes easy natural sleep remedies!

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